Hardcore HSX

AWAR - A War DMOLT - Demolition DOUGH - Dough GLASL - Glassland HRDCR - Hardcore Henry MDARN - The Boss MTNMD - Mountains May Depart NPADV - National Parks Adventure STNOF - Standoff TCHBF - Touched with Fire WTINX - Where To Invade Next

New Features

The whole site is updated automatically everyday!
Site search fixed and fully working.
Flat color scheme, no more gradients.
Updated menu backend to add third level menus.
List MSTs or SBOs by a price range.
All dates changes to mmm d, yyyy format.
Search for all MST or SBO changes in a date range.
Search for all changes for a single MST or SBO.
Future IPOs always current.
Download a csv file of all MST or SBO data.
Current prices added to DRV and FND lists.

All security prices are live (up to 15 minutes old) from HSX.
Detailed historical pricing charts are available for everything. Data goes back 7 days.

Please let me know if anything doesn't look right.