Battle of the HSXs

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
10DITV ABC: Ten Days in the Valley 11.53
9JKLCB CBS: 9JKL 13.33
BADM2.CA A Bad Moms Christmas H$20 Call 2.96
BADM2.OW A Bad Moms Christmas - Opening Weekend 23.06
BADM2.PU A Bad Moms Christmas H$20 Put 1.32
BOAM2.CA Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween H$25 call 1.86
BOAM2.OW Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween - Opening Weekend 24.23
BOAM2.PU Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween H$25 Put 2.67
DYNAST CW: Dynasty 14.15
GEOST.CA Geostorm H$15 Call 0.85
GEOST.OW Geostorm - Opening Weekend 12.50
GEOST.PU Geostorm H$15 Put 3.31
GHOSTD FOX: Ghosted 13.51
GIFTED FOX: The Gifted 15.14
IT1.BW It $290M Blockbuster Warrant 18.53
KEVPSW ABC: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 13.93
MEMYSI CBS: Me, Myself & I 14.18
NOEXT.CA Only the Brave H$10 Call 1.75
NOEXT.OW Only the Brave - Opening Weekend 9.27
NOEXT.PU Only the Brave H$10 Put 2.10
ORVILL FOX: The Orville 15.66
SAW8.CA Jigsaw H$20 Call 3.29
SAW8.OW Jigsaw - Opening Weekend 20.54
SAW8.PU Jigsaw H$20 Put 1.57
SEALTM CBS: Seal Team 17.56
SKODM.OW Same Kind of Different as Me - Opening Weekend 3.32
SNOWM.CA The Snowman H$10 Call 1.25
SNOWM.OW The Snowman - Opening Weeknd 7.47
SNOWM.PU The Snowman H$10 Put 2.24
SUBCN.CA Suburbicon H$10 Call 2.04
SUBCN.OW Suburbicon - Opening Weekend 8.22
SUBCN.PU Suburbicon H$10 Put 2.63
SWATCB CBS: S.W.A.T. 11.95
TBRAVE NBC: The Brave 14.19
TGDOCT ABC: The Good Doctor 17.08
THOR3.CA Thor: Ragnarok H$90 Call 3.45
THOR3.OW Thor: Ragnarok - Opening Weekend 95.65
THOR3.PU Thor: Ragnarok H$90 Put 1.48
TMAYOR ABC: The Mayor 14.52
TYFYS.CA Thank You For Your Service H$10 Call 1.73
TYFYS.OW Thank You For Your Service - Opening Weekend 8.11
TYFYS.PU Thank You For Your Service H$10 Put 3.05
VALORC CW: Valor 13.89
WCROWD CBS: Wisdom of the Crowd 14.32
YSHELD CBS: Young Sheldon 19.67