Atomic HSX

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
ALSNT.OW All Saints - Opening Weekend 4.23
APES3.BW War for the Planet of the Apes $130M Blockbuster Warrant 11.27
BOTDR.OW Birth of the Dragon - Opening Weekend 3.94
CARS3.BW Cars 3 $135M Blockbuster Warrant 13.40
DESM3.BW Despicable Me 3 $210M Blockbuster Warrant 17.06
DUNKR.BW Dunkirk $150M Blockbuster Warrant 8.76
GIRLT.BW Girls Trip $95M Blockbuster Warrant 9.85
HTMBG.CA The Hitman's Bodyguard H$20 Call 1.52
HTMBG.OW The Hitman's Bodyguard - Opening Weekend 17.01
HTMBG.PU The Hitman's Bodyguard H$20 Put 3.18
LEAP.OW Leap! - Opening Weekend 4.49
LUCLO.CA Logan Lucky H$20 Call 0.09
LUCLO.OW Logan Lucky - Opening Weekend 12.84
LUCLO.PU Logan Lucky H$20 Put 4.39
MEMYSI CBS: Me, Myself & I 10.00
ORVILL FOX: The Orville 12.74
SEALTM CBS: Seal Team 10.00
SPID6.BW Spider-Man: Homecoming $275M Blockbuster Warrant 16.83
TBRAVE NBC: The Brave 11.21
TFRM5.BW Transformers: The Last Knight $130M Blockbuster Warrant 5.65
TGDOCT ABC: The Good Doctor 11.96
WONDR.BW Wonder Woman $312.5M Blockbuster Warrant 30.62
YSHELD CBS: Young Sheldon 10.00