HSX Woman

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
BDRIV.CA Baby Driver H$15 Call 3.15
BDRIV.OW Baby Driver - Opening Weekend 17.72
BDRIV.PU Baby Driver H$15 Put 1.47
DESM3.CA Despicable Me 3 H$100 Call 3.77
DESM3.OW Despicable Me 3 - Opening Weekend 106.15
DESM3.PU Despicable Me 3 H$100 Put 2.56
FAST8.BW The Fate of the Furious $215M Blockbuster Warrant 10.81
GOTG2.BW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $330M Blockbuster Warrant 14.73
PIRT5.BW Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men $150M Blockbuster Warrant 9.79
SPID6.CA Spider-Man: Homecoming H$110 Call 2.89
SPID6.OW Spider-Man: Homecoming - Opening Weekend 114.38
SPID6.PU Spider-Man: Homecoming H$110 Put 1.84
TFRM5.CA Transformers: The Last Knight H$70 Call 1.44
TFRM5.OW Transformers: The Last Knight - Opening Weekend 59.91
TFRM5.PU Transformers: The Last Knight H$70 Put 4.18
THOUS.CA The House H$25 Call 1.68
THOUS.OW The House - Opening Weekend 20.76
THOUS.PU The House H$25 Put 3.15