HSX League

Derivative Shares Short/Cover

(Nov 29, 2017 - Dec 6, 2017)
Derivative Title Short
FERDN.OW Ferdinand - Opening Weekend 2,985,679
STAR8.OW Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Opening Weekend 1,775,099
STAR8.PU Star Wars: The Last Jedi H$230 Put 1,193,000
FERDN.PU Ferdinand H$30 Put 666,001
FERDN.CA Ferdinand H$30 Call 243,334
STAR8.CA Star Wars: The Last Jedi H$230 Call 99,999
VALORC CW: Valor 40,000
WCROWD CBS: Wisdom of the Crowd 36,000
SWATCB CBS: S.W.A.T. 20,000
DYNAST CW: Dynasty 20,000
9JKLCB CBS: 9JKL 20,000
TBRAVE NBC: The Brave 20,000
ORVILL FOX: The Orville 20,000
KEVPSW ABC: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 19,000
Derivative Title Cover
DSART.OW The Disaster Artist - Opening Weekend 527,222
TMAYOR ABC: The Mayor 21,000
10DITV ABC: Ten Days in the Valley 20,000
GHOSTD FOX: Ghosted 20,000
TGDOCT ABC: The Good Doctor 2,000
THOR3.BW Thor: Ragnarok $270M Blockbuster Warrant 1,000