HSX in Style

Derivative Shares Held Short

(Apr 26, 2017)
Derivative Title Shares
SLEIG.OW Sleight - Opening Weekend 17,362,665
HTBLL.OW How to be a Latin Lover - Opening Weekend 11,085,636
CIRCL.OW The Circle - Opening Weekend 8,939,567
50SH2.BW Fifty Shades Darker $115M Blockbuster Warrant 4,181,000
GOTG2.PU Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 H$150M Put 4,036,000
KARTH.OW King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Opening Weekend 3,735,020
LOWRD.OW Lowriders - Opening Weekend 3,578,001
DOUBTC CBS: Doubt 3,155,903
SLEIG.CA Sleight H$5 Call 2,601,002
MTDTR.OW Snatched - Opening Weekend 2,143,900
CIRCL.CA The Circle H$15 Call 1,860,002
TMAFTM ABC: Time After Time 1,792,906
HTBLL.CA How to be a Latin Lover H$5 Call 1,701,011
PWRLES NBC: Powerless 1,580,911
GOTG2.OW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Opening Weekend 1,351,032
HTBLL.PU How to be a Latin Lover H$5 Put 1,301,002
CIRCL.PU The Circle H$15 Put 1,002,002
LOWRD.CA Lowriders H$5 Call 640,001
SLEIG.PU Sleight H$5 Put 601,002
TRAIND CBS: Training Day 530,011
KARTH.CA King Arthur: Legend of the Sword H$25 Call 429,883
SPCHLS ABC: Speechless 394,702
MTDTR.PU Snatched H$20 Put 380,000
SDONUT CBS: Superior Donuts 355,250
LOWRD.PU Lowriders H$5 Put 341,001
AMHSWF ABC: American Housewife 323,701
THMICK FOX: The Mick 322,258
MTDTR.CA Snatched H$20 Call 300,002
KARTH.PU King Arthur: Legend of the Sword H$25 Put 280,250
TAKENN NBC: Taken 229,250
KEVCWT CBS: Kevin Can Wait 204,412
RIVRDL CW: Riverdale 204,400
MHSTRY FOX: Making History 186,000
DESURV ABC: Designated Survivor 181,001
BULLCB CBS: Bull 175,103
MWPLAN CBS: Man with a Plan 153,611
TGINDR CBS: The Great Indoors 132,595
GOTG2.CA Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 H$150M Call 120,001
CHIJUS NBC: Chicago Justice 120,000
SKULN.BW Kong: Skull Island $150M Blockbuster Warrant 40,000
WOLV3.BW Logan $200M Blockbuster Warrant 20,000
LBATM.BW The LEGO Batman Movie $155M Blockbuster Warrant 20,000
BOSSB.BW The Boss Baby $135M Blockbuster Warrant 20,000
BTATB.BW Beauty and the Beast $440M Blockbuster Warrant 0
GETOU.BW Get Out $125M Blockbuster Warrant 0