Derivative Shares Held Long

(Mar 15, 2017)
Derivative Title Shares
BTATB.OW Beauty and the Beast - Opening Weekend 41,527,862
MMPR.OW Power Rangers - Opening Weekend 27,688,701
HIDNF.BW Hidden Figures $100M Blockbuster Warrant 26,548,481
SPLIT.BW Split $110M Blockbuster Warrant 23,896,817
LBATM.BW The LEGO Batman Movie $155M Blockbuster Warrant 21,705,972
DESURV ABC: Designated Survivor 18,799,887
MACGYV CBS: MacGyver 16,160,737
KEVCWT CBS: Kevin Can Wait 15,855,569
LETHLW FOX: Lethal Weapon 15,794,373
BTATB.CA Beauty and the Beast H$135 Call 15,048,774
50SH2.BW Fifty Shades Darker $115M Blockbuster Warrant 14,776,463
THISUS NBC: This Is Us 14,460,171
BULLCB CBS: Bull 14,401,316
LIFEM.OW Life - Opening Weekend 14,052,174
GSHEL.OW Ghost in the Shell - Opening Weekend 13,564,045
BOSSB.OW The Boss Baby - Opening Weekend 13,265,285
SPCHLS ABC: Speechless 11,636,886
24LGCY FOX: 24: Legacy 11,505,044
AMHSWF ABC: American Housewife 11,347,637
RIVRDL CW: Riverdale 10,130,604
PWRLES NBC: Powerless 9,767,475
TGINDR CBS: The Great Indoors 9,474,400
EMRLDC NBC: Emerald City 9,316,028
TAKENN NBC: Taken 8,945,307
STARFX FOX: Star 8,718,700
MMPR.CA Power Rangers H$35 Call 8,665,060
MWPLAN CBS: Man with a Plan 8,597,126
TRAIND CBS: Training Day 8,582,849
THMICK FOX: The Mick 8,503,077
ZKPWF.OW The Zookeeper's Wife - Opening Weekend 8,347,001
CHIPS.OW CHiPs - Opening Weekend 8,314,654
CHIJUS NBC: Chicago Justice 8,109,771
APBFOX FOX: APB 7,972,113
RANSOM CBS: Ransom 7,747,035
SDONUT CBS: Superior Donuts 7,600,588
TRIAER NBC: Trial & Error 7,354,507
BELCO.OW The Belko Experiment - Opening Weekend 7,305,713
MHSTRY FOX: Making History 6,896,854
TMAFTM ABC: Time After Time 6,728,231
CHIPS.PU CHiPs H$15 Put 5,584,279
LIFEM.PU Life H$25 Put 5,476,529
DOUBTC CBS: Doubt 5,457,179
CHIPS.CA CHiPs H$15 Call 5,127,527
LIFEM.CA Life H$25 Call 5,102,108
BTATB.PU Beauty and the Beast H$135 Put 4,478,246
GSHEL.CA Ghost in the Shell H$35 Call 4,462,503
MMPR.PU Power Rangers H$35 Put 4,311,184
BELCO.PU The Belko Experiment H$5 Put 4,306,440
BOSSB.CA The Boss Baby H$30 Call 4,218,325
GSHEL.PU Ghost in the Shell H$35 Put 3,081,631
BOSSB.PU The Boss Baby H$30 Put 2,930,001
BELCO.CA The Belko Experiment H$5 Call 2,730,798
ZKPWF.CA The Zookeeper's Wife H$5 Call 2,510,003
ZKPWF.PU The Zookeeper's Wife H$5 Put 2,065,086