HSX Woman

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Jun 21, 2017)
Derivative Title Shares
GOTG2.BW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $330M Blockbuster Warrant 27,549,453
DESM3.OW Despicable Me 3 - Opening Weekend 25,288,691
TFRM5.OW Transformers: The Last Knight - Opening Weekend 22,036,756
SPID6.OW Spider-Man: Homecoming - Opening Weekend 18,982,880
FAST8.BW The Fate of the Furious $215M Blockbuster Warrant 18,955,741
BDRIV.OW Baby Driver - Opening Weekend 17,996,198
PIRT5.BW Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men $150M Blockbuster Warrant 16,150,238
THOUS.OW The House - Opening Weekend 8,878,657
DESM3.CA Despicable Me 3 H$100 Call 8,604,131
TFRM5.CA Transformers: The Last Knight H$70 Call 7,734,509
TFRM5.PU Transformers: The Last Knight H$70 Put 7,594,064
BDRIV.CA Baby Driver H$15 Call 6,020,821
SPID6.CA Spider-Man: Homecoming H$110 Call 5,971,350
THOUS.PU The House H$25 Put 5,349,328
DESM3.PU Despicable Me 3 H$100 Put 4,980,859
THOUS.CA The House H$25 Call 4,068,212
BDRIV.PU Baby Driver H$15 Put 3,741,955
SPID6.PU Spider-Man: Homecoming H$110 Put 2,928,505