Battle of the HSXs

All Funds

Fund Title Price
AFRAM The African-American Fund 12 48.88
AMATN Animation Fund 81.19
AUSIE The Down Under Fund 48.25
BONDS StarBonds Fund 37.71
CHICK Strong Female Lead Fund 74.04
COMIC The Comic Fund 35.00
DISNX Disney Studio Fund 19.49
DJAVU The Remake Fund 9 66.63
FOXX Fox Studio Fund 9.97
GAMER The Video Game Fund 67.52
GENES The Family Business Fund IV 79.95
LAFSF L.A. Film Schooled Fund: Year Two 86.51
LGBTQ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Fund 16.74
LGFX Lionsgate Studio Fund 9.83
OPENR The Opening Weekend Fund 48.12
PARAX Paramount Studio Fund 15.96
SCIFI Science-Fiction Fund 91.31
SCRPT The Writer-Director Fund 95.59
SEETV As Seen on TV Fund: Season 8 68.20
SONYX Sony Studio Fund 9.74
SPOOK The Horror Fund 7 92.22
SPORT The Sports Fund 59.25
UNIVX Universal Studio Fund 10.30
WBROX Warner Bros. Studio Fund 14.78
YOUNG Young Hollywood Fund 27.71
ZOO The Animal Fund 88.81