Bring Him to HSX

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
APES4.BW Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes H$140M Blockbuster Warrant 17.97
BADB4.BW Bad Boys: Ride or Die $165M Blockbuster Warrant 14.00
BRLNTM NBC: Brilliant Minds 13.80
DEAD3.CA Deadpool & Wolverine H$175 Call 4.10
DEAD3.OW Deadpool & Wolverine - Opening Weekend 181.36
DEAD3.PU Deadpool & Wolverine H$175 Put 1.40
DOCODY ABC: Doctor Odyssey 13.13
GMFMRG CBS: Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage 13.60
HAPYPL NBC: Happy's Place 13.63
HATPC.CA Harold and the Purple Crayon H$15 Call 2.52
HATPC.OW Harold and the Purple Crayon - Opening Weekend 15.67
HATPC.PU Harold and the Purple Crayon H$15 Put 2.44
HIPOTN ABC: High Potential 12.41
IMGNF.BW IF $100M Blockbuster Warrant 11.85
INOU2.BW Inside Out 2 H$535M Blockbuster Warrant 12.29
LIBTNC CW: The Librarians: The Next Chapter 12.25
MATLOC CBS: Matlock 12.62
MDIAST FOX: Murder in a Small Town 12.20
NCISOR CBS: NCIS: Origins 13.49
POPPAH CBS: Poppa's House 13.08
RHSURF FOX: Rescue Hi-Surf 13.31
STDMED NBC: St. Denis Medical 12.04
TRAP.CA Trap H$25 Call 2.27
TRAP.OW Trap - Opening Weekend 22.80
TRAP.PU Trap H$25 Put 2.64
TWIS2.CA Twisters H$60 Call 3.88
TWIS2.OW Twisters - Opening Weekend 61.86
TWIS2.PU Twisters H$60 Put 1.84
UNIVBG FOX: Universal Basic Guys 13.13