The Last Voyage Of The HSX

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Aug 30, 2023)
Derivative Title Shares
BARBI.BW Barbie $530M Blockbuster Warrant 21,845,372
TNUN2.OW The Nun II - Opening Weekend 19,947,779
OPHMR.BW Oppenheimer $265M Blockbuster Warrant 19,918,078
SOFRD.BW Sound of Freedom $150M Blockbuster Warrant 18,052,579
ELMNT.BW Elemental $110M Blockbuster Warrant 17,753,664
EQLZ3.OW The Equalizer 3 - Opening Weekend Fri-Mon 17,606,651
MISS7.BW Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning $155M Blockbuster Warrant 16,619,788
INDI5.BW Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny $160M Blockbuster Warrant 16,329,407
TMNT3.BW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem $100M Blockbuster Warrant 13,573,690
JAWAN.OW Jawan - Opening Weekend 13,495,628
HVENC.OW A Haunting in Venice - Opening Weekend 12,398,347
KRAPOP FOX: Krapopolis 7,409,996
FOUNDN NBC: Found 7,207,763
FLASH.BW The Flash $110M Blockbuster Warrant 6,426,811
EQLZ3.CA The Equalizer 3 H$35 Call Fri-Mon 6,196,830
TNUN2.CA The Nun II H$35 Call 6,148,794
MBFG3.PU My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 H$15 Put 5,090,510
MBFG3.OW My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 - Opening Weekend 4,426,468
EQLZ3.PU The Equalizer 3 H$35 Put Fri-Mon 4,202,212
HVENC.CA A Haunting in Venice H$15 Call 3,485,499
MBFG3.CA My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 H$15 Call 2,693,013
TNUN2.PU The Nun II H$35 Put 2,483,028
HVENC.PU A Haunting in Venice H$15 Put 1,726,608