HSX Hustlers

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Jan 3, 2024)
Derivative Title Shares
MNGRL.OW Mean Girls - Opening Weekend Fri-Mon 20,882,350
NTSWM.OW Night Swim - Opening Weekend 16,552,994
HGAM5.BW The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes $140M BW 13,042,729
5NAFD.BW Five Nights at Freddy's $135M Blockbuster Warrant 11,168,880
NCISYD CBS: NCIS: Sydney 8,491,251
KRAPOP FOX: Krapopolis 7,901,988
FOUNDN NBC: Found 7,806,115
IRATNL NBC: The Irrational 7,431,105
EXTFAM NBC: Extended Family 6,333,532
GRMSBG FOX: Grimsburg 6,130,069
MNGRL.CA Mean Girls H$25 Call Fri-Mon 5,758,234
BEKPR.OW The Beekeeper - Opening Weekend Fri-Mon 5,205,278
TBOCL.PU The Book of Clarence H$15 Put Fri-Mon 4,873,009
NTSWM.CA Night Swim H$15 Call 4,665,765
BEKPR.PU The Beekeeper H$15 Put Fri-Mon 3,802,478
ORIGN.OW Origin - Opening Weekend 3,120,151
BEKPR.CA The Beekeeper H$15 Call Fri-Mon 2,706,204
NTSWM.PU Night Swim H$15 Put 2,189,027
MNGRL.PU Mean Girls H$25 Put Fri-Mon 1,997,003
TBOCL.OW The Book of Clarence - Opening Weekend Fri-Mon 1,163,875
TBOCL.CA The Book of Clarence H$15 Call Fri-Mon 1,108,029