HSX Days

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Oct 13, 2021)
Derivative Title Shares
HALW4.OW Halloween Kills - Opening Weekend 15,661,565
DUNE.OW Dune - Opening Weekend 13,135,746
SHCHI.BW Shang-Chi $195M Blockbuster Warrant 11,059,073
FREEG.BW Free Guy $100M Blockbuster Warrant 10,242,999
RONGW.OW Ron's Gone Wrong - Opening Weekend 9,879,944
JUNGC.BW Jungle Cruise $100M Blockbuster Warrant 9,845,773
NCISHI CBS: NCIS: Hawaii 7,672,248
CSIVEG CBS: CSI: Vegas 6,880,001
TWDYRS ABC: The Wonder Years 6,402,095
FBIINT CBS: FBI: International 6,030,795
LABREA NBC: La Brea 5,479,986
HALW4.CA Halloween Kills H$30 Call 5,342,021
ORDJOE NBC: Ordinary Joe 5,207,867
GHOSTS CBS: Ghosts 5,170,604
4400CW CW: 4400 4,899,180
DUNE.CA Dune H$45 Call 4,865,119
OKOPEP FOX: Our Kind of People 4,713,077
TBLEAP FOX: The Big Leap 4,685,551
LDUEL.PU The Last Duel H$20 Put 4,640,419
QUEENS ABC: Queens 4,577,719
RONGW.CA Ron's Gone Wrong H$10 Call 3,170,001
DUNE.PU Dune H$45 Put 3,020,061
TFRDS.OW The French Dispatch - Opening Weekend 2,418,293
LDUEL.OW The Last Duel - Opening Weekend 2,137,056
HALW4.PU Halloween Kills H$30 Put 2,095,007
RONGW.PU Ron's Gone Wrong H$10 Put 1,855,003
LNSOH.PU Last Night in Soho H$10 Put 1,685,000
LDUEL.CA The Last Duel H$20 Call 1,551,005
LNSOH.OW Last Night in Soho - Opening Weekend 800,053
ANTLR.OW Antlers - Opening Weekend 700,033
LNSOH.CA Last Night in Soho H$10 Call 625,003