HSX's Gone Wrong

Derivative Shares Held Short

(Nov 10, 2021)
Derivative Title Shares
KRICH.OW King Richard - Opening Weekend 3,178,421
CTBRD.OW Clifford the Big Red Dog - Opening Weekend 2,016,908
GHST4.OW Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Opening Weekend 1,801,879
CTBRD.PU Clifford the Big Red Dog H$10 Put 1,687,023
RESE7.OW Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 906,667
OKOPEP FOX: Our Kind of People 810,001
KRICH.CA King Richard H$10 Call 798,993
KRICH.PU King Richard H$10 Put 775,000
TBLEAP FOX: The Big Leap 771,904
GHST4.PU Ghostbusters: Afterlife H$50 Put 725,001
GUCCI.OW House of Gucci - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 703,001
ENCNT.OW Encanto - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 600,000
CTBRD.CA Clifford the Big Red Dog H$10 Call 525,000
GHST4.CA Ghostbusters: Afterlife H$50 Call 480,000
ORDJOE NBC: Ordinary Joe 477,775
LABREA NBC: La Brea 440,000
TWDYRS ABC: The Wonder Years 322,334
ENCNT.PU Encanto H$45 Put Wed-Sun 275,001
GUCCI.CA House of Gucci H$15 Call Wed-Sun 225,001
RESE7.PU Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City H$15 Put Wed-Sun 225,001
QUEENS ABC: Queens 210,000
RESE7.CA Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City H$15 Call Wed-Sun 175,001
GHOSTS CBS: Ghosts 150,701
CSIVEG CBS: CSI: Vegas 150,050
ENCNT.CA Encanto H$45 Call Wed-Sun 150,000
FBIINT CBS: FBI: International 145,000
GUCCI.PU House of Gucci H$15 Put Wed-Sun 125,001
NCISHI CBS: NCIS: Hawaii 125,000
4400CW CW: 4400 100,000
VENM2.BW Venom: Let There Be Carnage $185M Blockbuster Warrant 75,500
JB25.BW No Time to Die $135M Blockbuster Warrant 75,000
SHCHI.BW Shang-Chi $195M Blockbuster Warrant 50,000