HSX of the Future

Derivative Shares Held Short

(Jul 20, 2022)
Derivative Title Shares
NOPE.OW Nope - Opening Weekend 6,410,490
SUPET.PU DC League of Super-Pets H$40 Put 2,089,996
EASUN.OW Easter Sunday - Opening Weekend 1,700,001
NOPE.CA Nope H$60 Call 1,425,002
NOPE.PU Nope H$60 Put 1,215,001
SUPET.OW DC League of Super-Pets - Opening Weekend 1,110,000
LITYR.BW Lightyear $115M Blockbuster Warrant 1,050,000
BULTR.OW Bullet Train - Opening Weekend 965,001
BULTR.PU Bullet Train H$45 Put 425,001
EASUN.CA Easter Sunday H$10 Call 425,001
EASUN.PU Easter Sunday H$10 Put 250,000
BULTR.CA Bullet Train H$45 Call 200,000
SUPET.CA DC League of Super-Pets H$40 Call 150,000
MONARC FOX: Monarch 146,632
JURA6.BW Jurassic World: Dominion $340M Blockbuster Warrant 50,000
DRST2.BW Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $375M Blockbuster W 25,000
ELVIS.BW Elvis $105M Blockbuster Warrant 25,000
TOPG2.BW Top Gun: Maverick $470M Blockbuster Warrant 0