HSX of the Future

MovieStocks without Release Dates

MovieStock Title
1031 10-31
13LIV Thirteen Lives
1LIFE One Life
1SECN One Second
1STCH First Chair aka Untitled Reed Morano
21JS3 Jump Street: Now For Her Pleasure aka 21 Jump Street spin-off
247 24/7
42992 Clash aka April 29, 1992
48HRS 48 Hours
5EYES Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre aka Five Eyes
5NAFD Five Nights at Freddy's
6MILL The Six Billion Dollar Man
80FBR 80 For Brady
AASOW The Aliens Are Stealing Our Weed
ABLO2 Atomic Blonde 2
ABMFT About My Father
ABTFT About Fate
ACTN2 The Accountant 2
ADDSU Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe
ADRIF Adrift
ADRMR American Dreamer
AFARM Animal Farm
AFEXL After Exile
AFNGM All Fun and Games
AFREV Alice + Freda Forever
AHFOG A Head Full of Ghosts
ALAD2 Aladdin 2
ALCHM The Alchemist
ALICD Alice, Darling
ALIE5 Alien 5
ALPHG Alpha Gang
ALUJA Allelujah
AMANW A Man's World
AMAUR The Amazing Maurice
AMERI The American
AMFCW A Manual for Cleaning Women
AMRAD American Radical
AMRSN American Son
AMSOL American Sole
AMWMN American Woman
ANDRA My Name is Andrea
ANNFR Where is Anne Frank
APES4 Planet of the Apes 4
APROP A Problem Of Providence
APT7A Apartment 7A
AQOWF All Quiet on the Western Front
ARGYL Argylle
ARMGT Armageddon Time
ARTEM Artemis
ARTIR Artist in Residence
ARTKN Arthur the King
ASCLB Assassin's Club
ASLIV Assisted Living
ASREL A Special Relationship
ASTAI Astaire
ASTRC Asteroid City aka Untitled Wes Anderson Project
ATBL2 Attack the Block 2
ATHON A Thousand and One
ATRIT Across The River And Into The Trees
ATTWN And Then There Were None
AWLIE A White Lie
AWONI A Woman of No Importance
AYAFD Are You Afraid of the Dark?
BADB4 Bad Boys 4
BADM3 Bad Moms' Moms
BALES Balestra
BARDO Bardo (or False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths)
BATGR Batgirl
BDBLD Bad Blood
BDRLN Borderland
BDRV2 Baby Driver 2
BEDRS Bed Rest
BEEGE Untitled Bee Gees
BEET2 Beetlejuice 2
BELUS Belushi
BERST Maestro aka Bernstein
BETHD Beth & Don
BETWW Between Two Worlds
BGALA Battlestar Galactica
BHCP4 Beverly Hills Cop
BHOLE The Black Hole - Disney
BKCL2 Book Club 2 - The Next Chapter
BLAC5 Black Five
BLAD1 Blade
BLDMN Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon
BLHWK Blackhawk
BLKFL Black Flies
BLKFR Black Friday
BLKHO The Black Hole
BLKOT Blackout
BLON3 Legally Blonde 3
BLOSM Blossoms
BLRNA Ballerina
BLTZ Blitz
BLUBC Blueback
BMRTL Being Mortal
BNKMT Banking on Mr. Toad
BONDE Blonde
BOYKW Boy Kills World
BRDLN Borderlands
BRED1 Breed
BRIDF Bride of Frankenstein
BRNEY Barney
BROHS Brothers
BRSIS Brother and Sister
BRUTL The Brutalist
BSTNG Boston Strangler
BTILC Big Trouble in Little China
BTRIA Bermuda Triangle
BTRPR Beat the Reaper
BTRUI Beautiful Ruins
BUMSR Bum's Rush
BWKTM The Boy Who Knew Too Much
CACRM Crime After Crime
CAPA4 Captain America 4
CARME Carmen
CATPS Cat Person
CBNVK Cowboy Ninja Viking
CDSG Chevalier
CEOPT Cleopatra - Paramount
CGEOR Curious George
CHALN Challengers
CHMPN Champions
CHROW The Chronology of Water
CI34 CI-34
CKXP2 Chungking Express 2020
CLDP2 Cold Pursuit 2
CLDST Cold Storage
CLEOP Cleopatra - Sony
CLFHN Cliffhanger
CLRK3 Clerks III
CLRLK Clear Lake
CMBKT The Comeback Trail
CMBY2 Find Me aka Call Me By Your Name 2
CNSCR Consecration
COBAB Children of Blood and Bone
COBWB Cobweb
CODUT Call of Duty
COPRN Co-Parenting
COREP College Republicans
CORNR Corner Office
COTNT Cottontail
COTNW Children of the New World
CPROV Cold Providence
CRAS2 Crazy Rich Asians 2: China Rich Girlfriend
CREDV The Creed of Violence
CRKDM The Crooked Man
CRUL2 Cruella 2
CSPCM Chairman Spaceman
CTBR2 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2
CUCKO Cuckoo
CUSMK Cus and Mike
CVACM Coyote vs. ACME
CVERT The Last Adventures Of Constance Verity
CVLWR Civil War
CYOA Choose Your Own Adventure
DADIO Daddio
DALIL DaliLand aka Dali Land
DARKA Dark Army
DARKU Justice League Dark aka Dark Universe
DBLVD Disappointment Blvd.
DCTLV Decision to Leave
DEAD3 Deadpool 3
DEARD Dear David
DENO2 Den of Thieves 2: Pantera
DEPER Deeper
DFAD Dead for a Dollar
DGONE Delia’s Gone
DIS10 District 10
DIVSN The Division
DJAN2 Django/Zorro
DOGM1 Dog Man
DPRTU Departure
DRACU Mina Harker aka Dracula - Blumhouse
DRCUL Dracula - Universal
DRMNW Dreamin' Wild
DRVAW Drive-Away aka Untitled Road Trip Project
DSRTW Desert Warrior
DTCT3 Detective Chinatown 3
DTOWL Downtown Owl
DWNUC Down Under Cover
DWTKN Down with the King
EASP2 Small Dark Look aka Body Cross aka Eastern Promises 2
EDGT2 Edge of Tomorrow 2 aka Live, Die, Repeat 2
EILEN Eileen
ELALM El-Alamein
ELIZB Elizabeth
EMLY Emily
EMNCP Emancipation
EMPLT Empire of Light
ENCH2 Disenchanted aka Enchanted 2
ENYSM Enys Men
ENZOF Ferrari
ESCNY Escape From New York
ESTAT The Estate
ETRND The Eternal Daughter
EVNTP Every Note Played
EVTWF Everything Went Fine
FAF11 Fast & Furious 11
FALGY The Fall Guy
FANF2 Fantastic Four
FCHRL Fast Charlie
FCOF2 Face/Off 2
FDES6 Final Destination 6
FFHS2 Hobbs & Shaw 2
FGODF Francis and the Godfather
FHORS Flying Horse
FIDTW F*cking Identical Twins
FIXER The Fixer
FLET3 Confess, Fletch
FLMGO The Flamingo Thief
FLMNH Flamin' Hot
FLNTS Flint Strong
FLSHG Flash Gordon
FMGUY Family Guy Movie
FNAVG Flight of the Navigator
FNKND Finestkind aka Finest Kind
FNLCU Final Cut aka Coupé aka Z
FNTHD The Fountainhead
FOSTR Foster
FRBRN Firebrand
FREAG Free Agents
FRI12 Friday the 13th
FRID4 Last Friday
FRIN2 Friday Night Lights
FRLNC Freelance
FRMSH The Farnsworth House
FRPLY Fair Play
FRUTC Fruitcake
FRZNH Frozen Hell aka The Thing
FTNIT Fight Night
FUNPG Funny Pages
FVOYG Fantastic Voyage
GAMBI Gambit
GBUND Good Bad & Undead
GEARS Gears of War
GEMUW The Great Emu War
GEOHP The Geography of Hope
GHKTO Green Hornet and Kato
GHOPJ Grasshopper Jungle
GHST5 Ghostbusters 5
GIJO4 G.I. Joe sequel
GLAD2 Gladiator 2
GLAN2 Green Lantern Corps
GLDRG Gilded Rage
GNSUE Girl Named Sue
GNURS The Good Nurse
GODAB God Is A Bullet
GODCN God's Country
GODSC God's Creatures
GOELC Going Electric
GREM3 Gremlins 3
GRFLD Garfield
GRLT2 Girls Trip 2
GRNL2 Greenland: Migration
GRTSD Greatest Days
GRVBK The Graveyard Book
GUNDM Gundam
GVRNS The Governesses
HARBN Harbinger
HBOIL Hard Boiled
HELNT Helen & Teacher
HEMAN Masters of the Universe
HERE1 Here
HFAL4 Night Has Fallen
HIGHL Highlander
HITPG Hitpig
HLDOV The Holdovers
HLOKT Hello Kitty
HNTRD Hunters In The Dark
HODRK House of Darkness
HOLM3 Sherlock Holmes 3
HORSB Horse Boy
HORZN Horizon: An American Saga
HOTWH Hot Wheels
HPRTY House Party
HPYLF Happy Life
HRCUL Hercules
HRMAN Hourman
HRVSM Harvest Moon
HSTRN Hello Stranger
HTMAN Hitman
HUHEF Playboy aka Hugh Hefner Biopic
HUMBG Humbug
HWTW He Went That Way
HYPNT Hypnotic
IFRNL The Infernal Machine
IFRNO Inferno
IHMUR I Heart Murder
IKIRU Living
ILSAS In The Land Of Saints And Sinners
IMCHP Chippendales
INDPN The Independent
INFPO Infinity Pool
INTLF Intelligent Life
INTLL In The Lost Lands
ITGOB In the Garden of Beasts
JACUS An Officer and a Spy aka J'Accuse
JADAX Jak and Daxter
JAMOJ Jamojaya
JANSD The Janson Directive
JB26 James Bond 26
JCAUS Just Cause
JLLTM Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind
JOKE2 Joker: Folie à Deux aka Joker 2
JQUES Jonny Quest
JRIDE Joyride
JUMN3 Jumanji sequel
KAMKZ Kamikaze aka Destroyer
KCHML Karma Chameleon
KFURY Kung Fury 2
KHGRD Keyhole Garden
KILER The Killer
KLRGM The Killer's Game
KLTLT Kill the Light
KMOON The Real Me: Keith Moon
KNDHR Kandahar
KNGKL The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Name of the Wind
KNIV2 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
KONG2 Son of Kong aka Godzilla vs. Kong 2
KOTFM Killers of the Flower Moon
KOTJN King of the Jungle
KPOPD K-Pop: Demon Hunters
KRAMP Killroy was Here
KTSS4 The Kingsman 3
LAMBO Lamborghini
LBEPQ La Belle Epoque
LBLED Love Lies Bleeding
LCHIM La Chimera
LCLEM Losing Clementine
LDIXI Little Dixie
LEOFT Leo from Toledo
LESLI To Leslie
LIFBK Rio aka Let It Fall Back
LIFBT The Lifeboat
LIMEN L'immensità
LION2 The Lion King prequel
LITAM Little America
LOGAN Logan's Run
LOSTB The Lost Boys
LOVCH Love Child
LPHOT Horse Latitudes aka The Last Photograph
LPLNT The Way of the Wind aka The Last Planet
LSKNG The Lost King
LSOFH Little Shop of Horrors
LSTNR The Listener
LSWIH Landscape With Invisible Hand
LTCHK Latchkey Kids
LULAB Lullaby
LUSUR La Usurpadora, the Musical
LWTLK Look Who's Talking
MAFMA Mafia Mamma
MAGMS Maggie Moore(s)
MAGZN Magazine Dreams
MAMI3 Mamma Mia 3
MANOD Manodrome
MANUS The Manuscript
MARGC Margie Claus
MARLW Marlowe
MBFG3 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
MCHT3 Machete Kills Again In Space
MCKY7 Mickey7
MCRON Micronauts
MCRTY McCarthy
MCUTE Meet Cute
MDONA Madonna biopic
MEGAL Megalopolis
MEMRY Memory
MERLN Merlin
METHU Methuselah
MGAMN Mega Man
MGRDN Master Gardener
MIDAS Midas Man
MINEC Minecraft
MKMB2 Mortal Kombat 2
MMWV Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
MNDRM Moonage Daydream
MNKYM Monkey Man
MOBGR Mob Girl
MONAT Mother Nature
MONOP Monopoly
MRCLB The Miracle Club
MRLEY Jacob Marley
MRNIN Morning
MSNTH Misanthrope
MSTNC Mothers' Instinct
MTLGR Metal Gear Solid
MTYSN Mike Tyson biopic
MUNST The Munsters
MUSCL Muscle
MVTEL The Movie Teller
MWRA Merrily We Roll Along
MYOWE My Own Worst Enemy
NANY Nanny
NARN4 The Chronicles of Narnia
NATHM National Anthem
NBLKL Not Bloody Likely
NEWSF Newsflash
NGWIN Next Goal Wins
NHFEL No Hard Feelings
NIMON Nimona
NITBD Naked Is the Best Disguise
NITNG The Nightingale
NKGUN The Naked Gun
NMANC Neuromancer
NOBDH Nobody’s Heart
NOBO2 Nobody 2
NOCEB Nocebo
NOSFR Nosferatu
NSDGM The Inside Game
NSID5 Insidious 5
NSTNC Instinct
NTRPR The Interpreter aka Untitled Afghan war movie
NTWNG Nightwing
NVNTR The Inventor
NVRSN Inversion
NWOHP Not Without Hope
NYSM3 Now You See Me 3 aka Now You 3 Me
OFMRN One Fine Morning
OHELN Oh Hell No aka Step Dude
OLIVR Oliver!
OMEN1 The First Omen
ON42S Overnight on 42nd Street
ORDNA Ordinary Angels
ORPH2 Orphan: First Kill aka Esther
OTBLU Out of the Blue
OTLVS One True Loves
OTPCR One Thousand Paper Cranes
OTRUN On the Run
OUTRN The Outrun
PADT3 Paddington in Peru aka Paddington 3
PANDM Pandemonium
PANOP Panopticon
PDIA3 The Princess Diaries 3
PEACF Peaceful
PFECT Perfect
PHNTB The Phantom Tollbooth
PIKA2 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 2
PINK2 Pretty in Pink 2
PIPPN Pippin
PIRT6 Pirates of the Caribbean 6
PKJAN Painkiller Jane
PLOUM The Ploughmen
PLSBP Please Baby Please
PNOCC Pinocchio - Disney
PNOCH Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio
POFSH The Prince of Fashion
POKRF Poker Face
POLRS Polaris
POOLM Poolman
PORTD The Portable Door
PORTL Portal
POTFS Potfest aka Beerfest 2
PRAST Praise This
PRDHW Paradise Highway
PRED5 Prey aka Predator 5
PRJXT SNAFU aka Project X-traction
PRSND Prisoner's Daughter
PRSUA Persuasion
PRTHN Poor Things
PRYOR Richard Pryor biopic
PSOCT Polite Society
PSTLV Past Lives
PTAUT Planes, Trains and Automobiles
PTRPN Peter Pan and Wendy
PUSYL Pussy Island
PWRNG Power Rangers
QUASI Quasimodo
QUENC Queen & Country
QUENM The Queen Mary
QUFAD Queen for a Day
RAID1 The Raid
RARAY Raymond and Ray
RCFLU Rich Flu
RCIRC The Red Circle
RCLPS Robopocalypse
REAGN Reagan
REPTL Reptile
RESUR The Resurrection aka Passion of the Christ 2
REUNN Reunion
REYEB Raised Eyebrows
RIDC3 Riddick 4: Furya
RISE1 Rise
RMSMR Rock'em Sock'em Robots
RNGAP Ranger's Apprentice
ROBO2 RoboCop Returns
ROBTS Robots
ROSAL Rosaline
ROSIE The Rosie Project
ROTHC Rothchild
ROTHK Rothko
RRABR Run Rabbit Run
RTECH Robotech
RTRBT Retribution
RTROP Rogue Trooper
RUGRT Rugrats
RUNSH Run Sweetheart Run
RUSH4 Rush Hour 4
RVIVL Revival
SALTB Saltburn
SALTW The Salamander Lives Twice
SAMOL Samo Lives
SANCT Sanctuary
SARC2 Searching 2
SAW10 Saw X
SBLVD Sunset Boulevard
SBSTN The Substance
SCARF Scarface
SCTME She Came to Me
SDKCK Sidekicks
SEACO Seacole
SECHQ Secret Headquarters
SESAM Sesame Street
SFGAE The School for Good and Evil
SGNLH Signal Hill aka Cochran
SHAGG The Shaggs
SHCH2 Shang-Chi 2
SHCKL Shackleton
SHDWF Shadow Force
SHELY Shelly
SHILU Shanghai, I Love You
SHKWV Shockwave
SHRK5 Shrek 5
SHRPR Sharper
SHRUD The Shrouds
SHRUN Shrunk
SHWED Shotgun Wedding
SHWUP Showing Up
SICA3 Sicario 3
SINST Sinister Six
SITAD Sometimes I Think About Dying
SLAJF The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry
SLBLC Silver & Black aka Black Cat
SLNGS Slingshot
SLNIT Silent Night
SLPDG Sleeping Dogs
SLUMB Slumberland
SNIPR Snipers
SNWHT Snow White
SOLIT Solitary
SONC3 Sonic the Hedgehog 3
SONJA Red Sonja
SOTCE Seneca - On The Creation Of Earthquakes
SOURH Sour Hearts
SPACX Untitled SpaceX Project
SPID9 Spider-Man Untitled
SPING Spinning Gold
SPKYJ Spooky Jack
SPLBN Spellbound
SPLFS The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
SPLSH Splash
SPODT Space Oddity
SPONI Snow Ponies
SPRTD Spirited
SPWN2 Spawn
SPYGS Spy Guys
SRLYR Seriously Red
SSTI2 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2
STARN Stars at Noon
STATC Static Shock
STELT Stealth
STITD Something In the Dirt
STONR Stoner
STWIN The Silent Twins
SUDEN Suddenly
SUMIT Everest aka Mallory aka The Summit
SUMLV Summer Lovin'
SUPGR Supergirl
SUPRM Superman
SURND Surrounded
SVHI Sweet Valley High
SWAR3 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
SWTHU Sweet Thunder
TACTR The Actor
TALIS The Talisman
TANKG Tank Girl
TBAT2 The Batman 2
TBITB The Boys in the Boat
TBLSM The Blacksmith
TCATH Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
TCHAN The Chain
TCROW The Crow
TCRTL The Cartel
TETRS Tetris
TFENC The Fence
TFORC The Force
TGBRE The Greatest Beer Run Ever
TGOON The Goon
TGTWP The Georgetown Project
THART The Heart
THCHR That Christmas
THCKT The Thicket
THILL The Hill
THLK2 The Incredible Hulk 2 aka World War Hulk
THOME The Home
THWAL The Wall
THWND The Wonder
TIJAN This is Jane
TILAW Tell It Like a Woman
TLMHN The Last Manhunt
TLPEP Unwelcome aka The Little People
TLWLK The Long Walk
TMKDT The Marsh King’s Daughter
TMOTR The Mother
TMWSP The Man Who Saved Paris
TNUN2 The Nun 2
TOMB4 Tomb Raider sequel
TONTO Untitled Charlie Day Movie aka El Tonto
TOSRM The Outside Room
TOWRT Tower of Terror
TOXAV Toxic Avenger
TPBEY The Pale Blue Eye
TPLNE The Plane
TPODG The Pod Generation
TRON3 Tron 3
TROYH The Royal Hotel
TRPLT Triplets
TRSAD Triangle of Sadness
TRUAM The True American
TRUEH True Haunting
TRUNM The Running Man
TSAIN The Saint
TSLOH Houdini
TSOTH The Shrinking of Treehorn
TTAME True Things
TTCAF The Thomas Crown Affair
TTEST The Test
TTMIL The Thousand Miles
TTREE The Tree
TTTHC The Things They Carried
TUESD Tuesday
TUNLS Tunnels
TUTOR The Tutor
TWHLE The Whale
TWITW The Wind in the Willow
TWLFM The Wolfman
TWSMM Twisting My Melon
UALIM Untitled Adele Lim Comedy
ULNEU Red, White and Water aka Untitled Lila Neugebauer Project
UMAMC Untitled Martin McDonagh Project
UNBOY The Unbreakable Boy
UNCH2 Uncharted 2
UNDBW Under the Boardwalk
UNDCV Undercover
UNDLV Undying Love
UNDTL Under the Light
UNIMW Universe’s Most Wanted
UNKNM The Unknown Man
UPATB Untitled Patrick Aiello/Timur Bekmambetov
URBN3 Urban Legend
USATN Uptown Saturday Night
UVCHA Untitled Vernon Chatman Project
VANHL Van Helsing
VENM3 Venom 3
WADY We All Die Young
WALTG Where All Light Tends To Go
WARHL Andy Warhol biopic
WARMG The War Magician
WARPG War Pigs
WDEAD The Walking Dead aka Untitled Rick Grimes TWD Project
WEETZ Weetzie Bat
WHNOS White Noise
WHTIF Anything's Possible
WILDB The Wild Bunch
WILDW Wildwood
WIZRD Wizards
WLGTD What’s Love Got To Do With It?
WMCJ White Men Can't Jump
WOBLD Without Blood
WOND3 Wonder Woman 3
WORSM Worst Man
WPONY War Pony
WPRAY When We Pray
WRANS Wrong Answer
WRWLV We're Wolves aka What We Do in the Moonlight
WSGON What's Going On
WYFSW When You Finish Saving the World
XPATR Expatriate
XPND4 Expend4bles aka The Expendables 4
XTW2 Pearl
YANKC Yankee Comandante
ZATAN Zatanna
ZMBRO New York Will Eat You Alive aka Zombie Brother
ZOROR Zorro 2.0