Bring Him to HSX

MovieStocks without Release Dates

MovieStock Title
1031 10-31
1PMAN One Punch Man
1SECN One Second
21JS3 Jump Street: Now For Her Pleasure aka 21 Jump Street spin-off
247 24/7
28LT3 28 Years Later
3SOME The Threesome
48HIV 48 Hours in Vegas
5NAF2 Five Nights at Freddy's 2
6MILL The Six Billion Dollar Man
6TRP8 Six Triple Eight
7VEIL Seven Veils
AASOW The Aliens Are Stealing Our Weed
ABBBJ A Big Bold Beautiful Journey
ABELW Above The Below
ABLO2 Atomic Blonde 2
ACTN2 The Accountant 2
ADIFM A Different Man
ADRIF Adrift
AFARM Animal Farm
AFBRN Afterburn
AFEXL After Exile
AFREV Alice + Freda Forever
AHFOG A Head Full of Ghosts
ALAD2 Aladdin 2
ALCHM The Alchemist
ALIT2 Alita: Battle Angel 2
ALJES A Life of Jesus
ALPHG Alpha Gang
ALPRY A Little Prayer
ALUJA Allelujah
AMFCW A Manual for Cleaning Women
AMRAD American Radical
AMRSN American Son
AMSOL American Sole
ANDOR Andorra
ANDRA My Name is Andrea
ANIVS Anniversary
ANNFR Where is Anne Frank
ANTRC Antarctica
APRNT The Apprentice
APROP A Problem Of Providence
APT7A Apartment 7A
ARMWR Armor Wars
ARTIR Artist in Residence
ASFA2 A Simple Favor 2
ASLIV Assisted Living
ASPD3 Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse
ASREL A Special Relationship
ASSMT The Assessment
ASSNT Assassination
ASTAI Astaire
ATBL2 Attack the Block 2
ATIAM All That I Am
ATLNT Atlantis aka Untitled Pharrell Williams musical
ATRIT Across The River And Into The Trees
ATTWN And Then There Were None
AUDRC Audrey’s Children
AUTHO The Authority
AWONI A Woman of No Importance
AYAFD Are You Afraid of the Dark?
AZRAL Azrael
BADM3 Bad Moms' Moms
BAGMA Bagman
BALES Balestra
BARBA Barbarella
BATGR Batgirl
BBGRL Babygirl
BDBLD Bad Blood
BDRV2 Baby Driver 2
BEEGE Untitled Bee Gees
BELUS Belushi
BGALA Battlestar Galactica
BHCP4 Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
BJON4 Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy
BLAC5 Black Five
BLCBG Black Bag
BLHWK Blackhawk
BLKFR Black Friday
BLKHO The Black Hole
BLON3 Legally Blonde 3
BLOSM Blossoms
BLTZ Blitz
BMRTL Being Mortal
BOYBN Boy Band
BRAND Branded
BRED1 Breed
BRIDF Bride of Frankenstein
BRLEE Bruce Lee
BRLIN Borderline
BRLNB Berlin Nobody
BRNEY Barney
BROHS Brothers
BRSIS Brother and Sister
BRTWT Brightwater
BRUTL The Brutalist
BTILC Big Trouble in Little China
BTMTN Big Thunder Mountain
BTRIA Bermuda
BTRUI Beautiful Ruins
BULIT Bullitt
BUMSR Bum's Rush
BUTIF Beautiful
CACRM Crime After Crime
CADDO Caddo Lake
CASDT Castro's Daughter aka Alina of Cuba
CENER Cleaner
CEOPT Cleopatra - Paramount
CGEOR Curious George
CHAIN The Chain - Universal
CHROW The Chronology of Water
CI34 CI-34
CKXP2 Chungking Express 2020
CLDP2 Cold Pursuit 2
CLDST Cold Storage
CLEOP Cleopatra - Sony
CLFHN Cliffhanger
CLIMB The Climb
CLOV2 Cloverfield 2
CLRLK Clear Lake
CMBKT The Comeback Trail
CMBY2 Find Me aka Call Me By Your Name 2
CMPAN Companion
CNARY Canary Black
CNCPT Conception
CNCRG The Concierge
CNJU4 The Conjuring: Last Rites
CNST2 Constantine 2
COBAB Children of Blood and Bone
CODUT Call of Duty
COLAB The Collaboration
COLER Cooler
COPRN Co-Parenting
COREP College Republicans
COTNT Cottontail
COTNW Children of the New World
CPROV Cold Providence
CRAS2 Crazy Rich Asians 2: China Rich Girlfriend
CREDV The Creed of Violence
CREE4 Creed IV
CREPR Creepers
CRSTN Christine
CRUL2 Cruella 2
CRYHM Crying in H Mart
CSPCM Chairman Spaceman
CTBR2 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2
CTOFR City on Fire
CUSMK Cus and Mike
CVACM Coyote vs. ACME
CVERT The Last Adventures Of Constance Verity
DANC3 Dirty Dancing sequel
DANFV Daniela Forever
DARKA Dark Army
DATGM Woman of the Hour aka The Dating Game
DAYSG Days Gone
DENO2 Den of Thieves 2: Pantera
DIS10 District 10
DISTN Distant
DIVSN The Division
DJAN2 Django/Zorro
DLVRN The Deliverance
DRACU Mina Harker aka Dracula - Blumhouse
DRALT Dracula - A Love Tale
DRCUL Dracula - Universal
DREMS Dreams
DRMQL Dreamquil
DRST3 Doctor Strange 3
DRTYA Dirty Angels
DSATA Dear Santa
DSRTW Desert Warrior
DTEBU The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney Tunes Movie
DUNIC Death Of A Unicorne
DUSTB Dust Bunny
DWNUC Down Under Cover
DWTA3 Downton Abbey 3
EASP2 Small Dark Look aka Body Cross aka Eastern Promises 2
EDGT2 Edge of Tomorrow 2 aka Live, Die, Repeat 2
EDNGT Eddington
EGTBG Everything’s Going to Be Great
ELALM El-Alamein
ELANO Eleanor the Great
ELIZB Elizabeth
ELVTN Elevation
EMANU Emmanuelle
EMCAY Ella McCay
EMILP Emilia Perez
ERICL Eric Larue
ESCNY Escape From New York
ETERN Eternity
ETRTN Eternal Return
EVNTP Every Note Played
EWLTZ Easy's Waltz
FACKH Fackham Hall
FACOD Faces of Death
FAF11 Fast X Part 2 aka Fast & Furious 11
FALL2 Fall 2
FAMIL The Familiars
FARYL Fairyland
FCOF2 Face/Off 2
FDES6 Final Destination 6: Bloodlines
FFHS2 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes
FGODF Francis and the Godfather
FIXER The Fixer
FLMGO The Flamingo Thief
FLSHG Flash Gordon
FLTRS Flight Risk
FNALL Finally Dawn aka Finalmente L’alba
FNAVG Flight of the Navigator
FORM1 Apex aka Untitled Formula 1 Project
FREAG Free Agents
FREK2 Freaky Friday 2
FREND The Friend
FRID4 Last Friday
FRIN2 Friday Night Lights
FRKYT Freaky Tales
FRMSH The Farnsworth House
FROZ3 Frozen III
FRSHN The Freshening
FRTRM Front Room
FRUTC Fruitcake
FRZNH Frozen Hell aka The Thing
FUNYB Funny Birds
GAMBI Gambit
GBUND Good Bad & Undead
GBUST Ghostbusters animated
GDFRT Good Fortune
GDGRD Untitled M. Night Shyamalan aka Good Grades
GDRCH Goodrich
GDSCN God's Country
GEARS Gears of War
GEMUW The Great Emu War
GHKTO Green Hornet and Kato
GIJO4 G.I. Joe sequel
GLAN2 Green Lantern Corps
GLDRG Gilded Rage
GNSUE Girl Named Sue
GOAT1 Goat
GOELC A Complete Unknown aka Going Electric
GONZG Gonzo Girl
GOTSU Ghost of Tsushima
GRDYP Greedy People
GREM3 Gremlins 3
GRENH Greenhouse aka The Uninhabitable Earth
GRIFS Griffin in Summer
GRLT2 Girls Trip 2
GRNIT Green Night
GRNL2 Greenland: Migration
GRTSD Greatest Days
GRVBK The Graveyard Book
GUNDM Gundam
GVRNS The Governesses
HAMET Hamlet
HAMNT Hamnet
HARBN Harbinger
HBOIL Hard Boiled
HCANA Hurricanna
HDONT Honey Don't
HDSST Heads of State
HEAT2 Heat 2
HEDAG Hedda Gabler
HELB4 Hellboy: The Crooked Man
HELNT Helen & Teacher
HERTC Heretic
HFAL4 Night Has Fallen
HIGHL Highlander
HILOW High and Low
HIS3D His Three Daughters
HISND The History Of Sound
HITPG Hitpig
HLOKT Hello Kitty
HNGTN Huntington
HNTRD Hunters In The Dark
HOLM3 Sherlock Holmes 3
HOLMI Holland, Michigan
HOSUM Hell of a Summer
HOTWH Hot Wheels
HPYLF Happy Life
HRCUL Hercules
HRMAN Hourman
HRVSM Harvest Moon
HTMLK Hot Milk
HYPHU Hypno-Hustler
IBOAE In the Blink of An Eye
IFRNO Inferno
IHMUR I Heart Murder
IKNO4 I Know What You Did Last Summer 4
IMCHP Chippendales
INTLL In The Lost Lands
IOBJC I, Object
ISLAN The Island
ISTON Is This Thing On?
ITHOD In the Hand of Dante
ITSUM In the Summers
IWYAB I Wish You All the Best
JADAX Jak and Daxter
JAMOJ Jamojaya
JANE1 Jane
JANSD The Janson Directive
JB26 James Bond 26
JCAUS Just Cause
JLLTM Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind
JUMN3 Jumanji sequel
JUNG2 Jungle Cruise 2
JUROR Juror No. 2
JUSTC Justice
JUSWM Just Watch Me
KCHML Karma Chameleon
KENTS Kent State
KFURY Kung Fury 2
KILER The Killer - Woo
KILLC KIlling Castro
KIVRY King Ivory
KLARA Klara and the Sun
KLRGM The Killer's Game
KLRHT Killer Heat
KLTLT The Critic aka Kill the Light
KMOON The Real Me: Keith Moon
KOTJN King of the Jungle
KOTSW Kiss of the Spider Woman
KPOPD K-Pop: Demon Hunters
KTSS4 The Kingsman 3
LBRTH Last Breath
LCHUC The Life of Chuck
LCLEM Losing Clementine
LDJAC Last Days Of John Allen Chau
LDSJN Long Day’s Journey Into Night
LEGN2 I am Legend 2
LEOFT Leo from Toledo
LILST Lilo & Stitch
LIPLS Lips Like Sugar
LITAM Little America
LMEAL Last Meals
LOCHI The Legend of Ochi
LOCKD Locked
LOGAN Logan's Run
LOSTB The Lost Boys
LOVCH Love Child
LPHOT Horse Latitudes aka The Last Photograph
LPLNT The Way of the Wind aka The Last Planet
LRDW2 Lords of War
LSOFH Little Shop of Horrors
LTBLM Late Bloomers
LTCHK Latchkey Kids
LTTNY Last Train to New York
LUCAM Lucca Mortis aka Untitled Peter Greenaway
LWTLK Look Who's Talking
MADEN Madden
MAGZN Magazine Dreams
MAMI3 Mamma Mia 3
MANUS The Manuscript
MCRON Micronauts
MCRTY McCarthy
MDONA Madonna biopic
MEGAL Megalopolis
MERLN Merlin
METAL Metal Men
METHU Methuselah
MEXFW My Ex-Friend's Wedding
MGAMN Mega Man
MGPIE Magpie
MIDAS Midas Man
MIEPP Made In England: The Films Of Powell And Pressburger
MKMB2 Mortal Kombat 2
MLOMP The Magnificent Life of Marcel Pagnol
MMARY Mother Mary
MMWED North Star aka My Mother's Wedding
MOBGR Mob Girl
MODGL Modi aka Modigliani
MONAT Mother Nature
MONKY The Monkey
MONOP Monopoly
MRLEY Jacob Marley
MRNIN Morning
MSTNC Mothers' Instinct
MTLGR Metal Gear Solid
MTRLS Materialists
MTYSN Mike Tyson biopic
MUERT El Muerto
MUSCL Muscle
MVTEL The Movie Teller
MWRA Merrily We Roll Along
NARN4 The Chronicles of Narnia
NARUT Naruto
NATHM Americana aka National Anthem
NBLKL Not Bloody Likely
NBNTN Nobody Nothing Nowhere
NBTNG Night Boat to Tangier
NEWAV New Wave aka Nouvelle Vague
NEWSF Newsflash
NHTNC Inheritance
NITNG The Nightingale
NOBDH Nobody’s Heart
NOBO2 Nobody 2
NONAS Nonnas
NOTLD Night of the Living Dead
NSDGM The Inside Game
NTCRS Nutcrackers
NUREM Nuremberg
NVRSN Inversion
NWOHP Not Without Hope
NYSM3 Now You See Me 3 aka Now You 3 Me
OCEN5 Oceans aka Ocean's Prequel
OCNDA Oh, Canada
OHELN Stepdude aka Oh Hell No
OSPEC Eden aka Origin Of Species
OSWFH On Swift Horses
OTPCR One Thousand Paper Cranes
OUTCM Outcome
OUTRN The Outrun
PANOP Panopticon
PDFTC Please Don't Feed The Children
PDIA3 The Princess Diaries 3
PEACH Peaches
PFECT Perfect
PIKA2 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 2
PINK2 Pretty in Pink 2
PIRT6 Pirates of the Caribbean 6
PLDRT Play Dirty
PLOUM The Ploughmen
PLYDT Playdate
PNKRT The Pinkerton
POFSH The Prince of Fashion
POLRS Dark Slides aka Polaris
POLYP Polly Pocket
PORTL Portal
PRSNC Presence
PRSUA Persuasion
PRYOR Richard Pryor biopic
PSYKL Psycho Killer
PTAUT Planes, Trains and Automobiles
PURG6 The Purge 6
PWRNG Power Rangers
QUBON Queen of Bones
QUFAD Queen for a Day
RAID1 The Raid
RAYGN Ray Gunn
RBOYL Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles
RBTRP Rabbit Trap
RCFLU Rich Flu
RESUR Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection
REUNN Reunion
REYEB Raised Eyebrows
RHANA Rihanna documentary
RIDC3 Riddick: Furya
RIFRF Riff Raff
RISE1 Rise
RMSMR Rock'em Sock'em Robots
RNBW6 Rainbow Six
RNGAP Ranger's Apprentice
RNTLF Rental Family
ROBO2 RoboCop Returns
ROBPC Rob Peace
ROSIE The Rosie Project
ROTHK Rothko
RTECH Robotech
RTROP Rogue Trooper
RUMRS Rumours
RUSH4 Rush Hour 4
RVIVL Revival
SACTO Sacramento
SALOT Salem's Lot
SALTW The Salamander Lives Twice
SAMOL Samo Lives
SBSTN The Substance
SCARF Scarface
SCBSL Suicide by Sunlight aka Untitled Nikyatu Jusu Horror
SCRM7 Scream 7 aka Scream VII
SDKCK Sidekicks
SECAC The Second Act
SEMGD Semplica Girl Diaries
SENDH Send Help
SENIR The Senior
SEPRM Separate Rooms
SESAM Sesame Street
SFLWR Sunflower
SHAGG The Shaggs
SHCH2 Shang-Chi 2
SHCKL Shackleton
SHDWF Shadow Force
SHELY Shelly
SHIL3 Return to Silent Hill
SHILU Shanghai, I Love You
SHKWV Shockwave
SHRK5 Shrek 5
SHRUD The Shrouds
SHRUN Shrunk
SICA3 Sicario 3
SING3 Sing 3
SINST Sinister Six
SISII Sisi & I
SLNHR The Silent Hour
SLPDG Sleeping Dogs
SMACH The Smashing Machine
SMACK The Smack
SMTLT Small Things Like These
SNIPR Snipers
SNL75 SNL 1975 aka The Wolverines
SOLIT Solitary
SONJA Red Sonja
SOTCE Seneca - On The Creation Of Earthquakes
SOURH Sour Hearts
SOVRN Sovereign
SPACX Untitled SpaceX Project
SPDWM Spider-Woman
SPID9 Spider-Man Untitled
SPLBN Spellbound
SPTOY Super Toys
SPWN2 Spawn
SPYGS Spy Guys
SSTI2 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2
STAP2 Spinal Tap II
STATC Static Shock
STCRS Super/Man: The Christopher Reeves Story
STELT Stealth
STGPL Save the Green Planet
STONR Stoner
STRN4 The Strangers: Chapter 2
STRW1 Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi
SUDEN Suddenly aka Soudain seuls
SUMIT Everest aka Mallory aka The Summit
SUMLV Summer Lovin'
SUPGR Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
SVHI Sweet Valley High
SWAMP Swamp Thing
SWTHU Sweet Thunder
SWVNG Sweet Vengeance
TACTR The Actor
TAKMH Take My Hand
TANKG Tank Girl
TBEAS The Beast - James Madigan
TBLSM The Blacksmith
TBOWI The Ballad of Wallis Island
TCHAN The Chain - Tobias Wolff
TEXO2 The Exorcist: Deceiver
TFENC The Fence
TFLW2 They Follow aka It Follows 2
TFORC The Force
TFRM8 Transformers 8
TGNTH The Giant's House
THART The Heart
THCHR That Christmas
THCKT The Thicket
THFUS They Found Us
THLIN The Line
THLK2 The Incredible Hulk 2 aka World War Hulk
THNK2 Thanksgiving 2
THOME The Home
THOOD The Hood
THRED Thread: An Insidious Tale
THSWF The Housewife
THWAL The Wall
TINVT The Invite
TJLC2 The Joy Luck Club 2
TLKT2 Talk 2 Me aka Talk to Me 2
TLSHG The Last Showgirl
TLTFH The Last Train From Hiroshima
TLWLK The Long Walk
TMEMP The Memory Police
TMEON Turn Me On
TMIMB The Man in My Basement
TMOVC The Movie Critic
TMWSP The Man Who Saved Paris
TNEWB The New Boy
TOMB4 Tomb Raider
TORDR The Order
TOSRM The Outside Room
TOWRT Tower of Terror
TOWWI Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In
TOXAV The Toxic Avenger
TPACK The Pack
TPLSN The Piano Lesson
TPSCH The Phoenician Scheme
TRAPH Trap House
TRDRM Train Dreams
TREK4 Star Trek Origin Story
TRND The Room Next Door
TROAK The Rivals Of Amziah King
TROSE The Roses
TRPLT Triplets
TRSHR Trashers
TRUEH The Haunting In Wicker Park aka True Haunting
TRUNM The Running Man
TSAEA The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
TSAIN The Saint
TSLOH Houdini
TSOTH The Shrinking of Treehorn
TTCAF The Thomas Crown Affair
TTEST The Test
TTREE The Tree
TTTHC The Things They Carried
TUNLS Tunnels
TWITW The Wind in the Willow
TWITY The Woman in the Yard
TWSMM Twisting My Melon
UAGIP Untitled Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Project
UJPE4 Untitled Fourth Film directed by Jordan Peele
UMAMC Untitled Martin McDonagh Project
UNCH2 Uncharted 2
UNDCV Undercover
UNDLV Undying Love
UNIMW Universe’s Most Wanted
URBN3 Urban Legend
URMNS Your Monster
USATN Uptown Saturday Night
USTPB Unstoppable
UTESP Untitled Trey Edward Shults Project
VANHL Van Helsing
VIAGR Boner aka Rise
VILN2 Violent Night 2
VOYGR Voyagers
W4OCL Wild Four O’Clocks
WADY We All Die Young
WAGER The Wager
WARDR Wardriver
WARFR Warfare
WARHL Andy Warhol biopic
WARMG The War Magician
WAROW War of the Worlds aka Untitled Timur Bekmambetov Project
WARPG War Pigs
WBTD We Bury the Dead
WCREW The Wrecking Crew
WEPNS Weapons
WILDB The Wild Bunch
WILDW Wildwood
WINNR Winner
WIZRD Wizards!
WKNTP Weekend in Taipei
WLITM We Live in Time
WNRV2 Wind River: The Next Chapter
WOBLD Without Blood
WOND3 Wonder Woman 3
WORSM Worst Man
WPRAY When We Pray
WSGON What's Going On
WSSOF Winter Spring Summer or Fall
WTHWT Worth the Wait
XHBTF Exhibiting Forgiveness
YANKC Yankee Comandante
ZATAN Zatanna
ZELDA The Legend of Zelda
ZMBRO New York Will Eat You Alive aka Zombie Brother
ZOROR Zorro 2.0